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CHINA-PHARM 2012 to Gear Up for New Opportunities


Jointly organized by the China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the 17th China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition (CHINA-PHARM 2012) will be held at China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing from September 24 to 27, 2012 with a brand new look. Numerous renowned pharmaceutical engineering companies home and abroad will attend the exhibition, which is the famous international forefront communication platform in the industry. It is estimated that more than 500 exhibitors will present a broad spectrum of innovative products and services on 35,000 square meters at the CNCC, attracting more than 20,000 visitors worldwide. In order to provide better service to the exhibitors and the visitors, the exhibition will use the new domain name www.china-pharm.net and a new logo this year.
Ever sinceCHINA-PHARM 2012 started the exhibitor recruitment campaign, the exhibition booths sell extremely well. Both new and previous exhibitors all participate actively. At this early stage (March 2012), almost all the ground floor booths in CNCC have been sold out, including following famous companies who have confirmed their participation: Rieckermann, CVC TECHNOLOGIES. INC, NNE, Siemens, Austar, Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd, TRUKING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, Colamark (Guangzhou) Labeling Equipment Limited, CHINA ELECTRONICS, SHANGHAI-FANUC Robotics Co.,Ltd, BEIJING C&C CAMBCAVI CO.,LTD, Guangzhou SanTuo, Shanghai Macroprocess, Harbin Nano, Beijing Tuobixi, Winifred Group, PHARMAPACK (GUANGZHOU), Qingdao Double Whale, etc. In addition, the national pavilions are also actively under organization. It has been confirmed that the Germany pavilion and UK pavilion will again give support to CHINA-PHARM 2012 and embrace the fast development momentum and great potential of China pharmaceutical market.
The world holds high expectation on China pharmaceutical market;
Quality and scale are both important for the harmonious development
China is the largest emerging pharmaceutical market in the world. Based on the IMS forecast, China will enjoy a higher growth rate than other markets, and will become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world by 2020, only after the US. By then, the market volume in China will reach $109.5 billion with the market share increasing from 3% to 7.5%. With the estimated continuous growth of the market volume, the government put great emphasis on drug safety and quality management. At February 13th, 2012, the State Council issued the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015) for Pharmaceutical Safety Standard (referred to as the “plan” hereafter). It is the first independent plan for drug safety in China. According to the plan, by the end of the 12th five-year the drug standards and drug quality would be significantly improved; the drug administration system would be more complete; the ability to guarantee the drug safety would be close to the international leading level; and the drug safety and people’s satisfaction on drug safety would be substantially enhanced. The plan has specified the drug standards that need to be improved: improve 6,500 drug standards, improve 139 standards on the packaging materials having direct contact with the drugs, establish 100 standards on the common packaging materials having direct contact with the drugs, improve 100 standards on pharmaceutical excipients and establish 200 standards on pharmaceutical excipients. The plan also emphasizes on control and quality supervision over the whole process including drug R&D, production, transportation and utilization.
As a critical process in the production, clean technology receives more extensive attention. Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical engineering design in China has made a lot of progress in design philosophy and capability with the influence from GMP and clean technology development home and abroad. The implementation of the China’s new GMP also poses new requirements on domestic pharmaceutical engineering design and drug production. The good production environment is the foundation of drug production in compliance with GMP. Whether the cleaning engineering of the pharmaceutical projects complies with the specific requirements on drug production is the key to GPM compliance.
The international platform provides deep insights while China-Pharm-Clean 2012 to make debut concurrently
As the international annual grand event for pharmaceutical industry, CHINA-PHARM not only provides a platform for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical equipment suppliers to compete, but also a platform to exchange the interpretations of the new GMP. In addition, it brings infinite business opportunities to the industry. Under the new situation, CHINA-PHARM 2012 will integrate the needs and hot topics in different sectors and launch more customized feature zones to provide more promotion opportunities for the exhibitors. Carrying forward the success of last year, the organizer will continue with “CHINAPHARM-Lab Zone”, “China Biological Engineering Zone”, “Excipient and Packaging Materials Zone”, “Fluid Engineering Accessories Zone”, “Engineering Service Consultation Zone” and “RFID, Anti-counterfeiting and Spraying Code Zone” this year.
Neverthless, the 1st China International Pharmaceutical Industry Clean Technology Exhibition & Congress (China-Pharm-Clean 2012) is to make its debut, in order to promote the communication and development of pharmaceutical clean technology. It is aimed to provide the pharmaceutical companies with clean production solution and technology in compliance with the new GMP. The Exhibition & Congress will be co-organized by the organizer of CHINA-PHARM, CCIPE & MDS, as well as the famous .industry association, Shanghai Indoor Contamination Control Industry Association. Furthermore, the “2012 Pharmaceutical Clean Technology Congress” will be held concurrently, helping the pharmaceutical companies to turn the challenges from the new GMP into business success.
A series of industry high-end forums and events will be held during the exhibition as well, sharing the opinions, experience and insights of the experts and senior elites within the industry and discussing the development trend and opportunities in the industry. The popular forums in the previous years, such as “ISPE-CCPIE China Conference”, “American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Seminars”, “World Health Organization (WHO) Pre-qualification Workshop”, “Traditional Chinese Medicine Injection Safety Management Workshop”, will still be on this year’s schedule. Meanwhile, there will be more wonderful Exhibitor Technical Seminars.
Through a nearly 20-year development since 1996, CHINA-PHARM has become one of the famous exhibitions with significant influence in the international pharmaceutical field. With the new GMP issued in China and the 12th Five-year Plan for Pharmaceutical Safety Standard, CHINAPHARM will work to provide more business opportunities and premium service to the industry and the exhibitors, establishing the platform for communication and cooperation between China and the world, while contribute to the vigorous development of the pharmaceutical industry in China.
For more information, please visit: www.china-pharm.net
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